Quinn by Prospect Labs Financial Literacy and Spending Reduction Platform Featured on Google Chrome Web Store

Quinn detects online spending behavior and intervenes to encourage healthier long-term financial choices. Achieve your goals for free, without giving up any personal information.

Quinn takes the work out of trying to spend less money by helping you keep track of your goals. 

Browser Extension

Quinn is a Google Chrome extension that:

  • Automatically senses unnecessary spending behavior
  • Displays a proven message to reduce spending
  • Helps you save up to 24% more money to reach your goals


Quinn Financial Monitoring Dashboard for Desktop.jpg

Your personalized spending dashboard:

  • Allows you to set your future saving goals
  • Keeps track of your spending
  • Connects you to financial literacy and investment resources

What does Quinn do?

Quinn decreases unnecessary spending behavior by up to 24%


Set personal goals: Select from a predefined list of goals or enter your own personal one

Stop unnecessary spending: Receive customized spending reduction alerts before you shop unnecessarily on almost any website

Personalize your reminders: Personalize the way you want to reach your goals

Remember your preferences: Sign in using your Facebook or Google account or via a traditional email address and password

Achieve your goals: Divert funds to your savings or investment account*

Monitor your goal progress: Save money in specialized accounts to achieve your goals faster*

Learn: Send personalized savings advice direct to your smart phone or tablet*

*Coming Soon!


The story of Prospect Labs

Prospect Labs is waging war against poor financial decision making. By leveraging behavioral science, we utilize machine learning and our understanding of human behavior to develop easy to use interventions that reduce unnecessary spending in cashless environments such as online shopping websites. Utilizing behavioral “nudges,” we are able to reduce spending and divert funds to savings accounts for long term goals. This allows individuals to make the right choice during their moments of weakness, thereby empowering them to make educated financial-decisions.


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